All our UK based practitioners have been provided with comprehensive guidelines which they must adhere to if and when they choose to return to work. They also have a risk assessment checklist to be completed before each session along with an owner risk checklist.

BTPA - Bowen Therapy Professional Association


BAUK - Bowen Association UK

- the two leading independent, professional associations of Bowen Therapy practitioners for humans in the UK.

- the website of Carole Justice Gray. Carole is the course training provider/teacher in the UK and Vice Chair of CBTA.

- the website of Nicole Fröhlich and her training centre. Nicole is the training provider/teacher for EGCBT in Switzerland.

The website has details of Nicole's workshops, camps and courses (and much more - a free Newsletter, a link to the dog's-home website, etc).

- the website of Conny Weerepas. Conny is the EGCBT course Co-ordinator in the Netherlands.

Conny also runs a dog school and a natural health practice for animals.


- the website of Dr. vet med Maya Bräm RCVS, teacher on the EGCBT Practitioner course.

A specialist centre for veterinary behaviour and herbal medicine and Canine Bowen Technique.

International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour

- offers distance-learning courses in dog psychology and behaviour from beginner to professional level to students all around the world