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CBTA members have completed the EGCBT (European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists) Practitioner course as developed by experienced Bowen therapists and dog trainers/behaviourists, Sally and Ron Askew, with the aid of one of the top orthopaedic vets in the UK. EGCBT have been producing knowledgeable, professional practitioners since their training was first held in 2004. The training offers a unique, dog-centred, holistic approach for people wishing to become properly skilled Canine Bowen Technique practitioners. It has been held in the UK since 2004, Switzerland since 2006, and in 2013 the first course was held in the Netherlands.

The EGCBT practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique is currently the only UK-developed course in Bowen for dogs approved for continuous professional development training by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) and the Bowen Association UK (BAUK) - the two leading associations of professional Bowen therapists in the UK.

Although the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (EGCBT) Association evolved in 2018 and became Canine Bowen Technique Association (CBTA), the EGCBT training continues to be available through their approved training providers/teachers. Each of the approved training providers has completed 250+ hours of teacher training with Sally & Ron Askew and is actively involved in the standards of their training and practitioners, and with the regulation of non-veterinary animal professionals in their respective countries.


Currently, there are two training options available :-



Consisting of Module 1 of the Practitioner course, this option provides instruction in the basic level of Canine Bowen Technique and may be used by dog owners who wish to use the procedures in a self-interest manner solely on their own dogs, or who wish to try out Canine Bowen Technique before committing to the full Practitioner course.

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Practitioner Course

The EGCBT Practitioner course is intended to provide a credible and respected standard of professional training in Canine Bowen Technique. It consists of four or five Modules (depending on country / training provider) spread out over approximately a year. Module 1 is as for the Self-Interest option. Modules 2 to 4/5 complete the full course.

EGCBT  Training Providers

United Kingdom

Carole Justice Gray

Mobile: 07535 980007



Nicole Fröhlich

Telephone : +41 (0) 81 300 4990

Email :

Website :

The Netherlands

Conny Weerepas (EGCBT Co-Ordinator)

(Current teacher is Carole Justice Gray)

Telephone : +31 (0) 23 78 85 60

Email :



The CBTA replaced the practitioner membership element of European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (aka EGCBT) after 31st December 2017. Ownership of and rights (including copyright) to any property and material previously owned or produced by EGCBT are retained by Ron and Sally Askew.
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